Sattal Christian Ashram Summer Sessions - 2021

The Sattal Christian Ashram is promoting the Kingdom of God for the last 90 years through the Ashram tradition, using "The Indian Cup", indigenous methods of Maharishi Dr. Stanley Jones to strengthen the Believers in their respective culture and context. But last year 2020, we could not conduct Ashram Sessions due to COVID-19 pandemic infectious disease. Hope situations will soon become better and we will gradually get involved in our Ashram Sessions and activities.

It is my pleasure to inform you that the Ashram Administrative Committee has approved to conduct summer sessions of Sattal Christian Ashram for the year 2021. However, the summer sessions of 2021 shall be not subsidized like previous years due to major financial crises due to COVID-19 Pandemic.

Hence the charges for the summer sessions - 2021 will be the general group charges of Rs. 600/- for adults and Rs.300/- for children of 5-10 years per day for boarding and lodging.

The duration of each session will be 10 days. The English Session begins from May 20-29, 2021 and Hindi Session June 1-10,2021. The persons of all faiths or no faith are welcome to attend English / Hindi Summer Sessions for 2021. Since we cannot take a big group, the number shall be restricted to maximum of 50 persons in each session.

It will be mandatory for all participants to wear face masks, maintain Social distancing and must carry with them hand sanitizers for their personal use during their stay at Ashram campus.

The Desirous Participants may apply by May 15,2021 by sending E-Mail requesting for Registration Forms from the Resident Acharya N.C. George OR from Mr. Vijay Patni, Manager Sattal Christian Ashram.

Bishop Dr. Anil Kumar Servand
Chief Acharya

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Resident Acharya
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