Estate Cottages

Sat Tal Estate invites Christian groups to hold their camps, retreats and seminars and families to stay and enjoy the Peace of God’s beauty, which surrounds the estate. 


The Estate houses 9 cottages, namely: Flowermead I & II, Westcott (formerly known as Britonia), Roshanara, Lawsonia I & II, which are divided into units, to a total of 13 units.

The Estate has a lake called Panna Lake, surrounded by beautiful mountains. On the far side of Panna Lake there are 3 large individual cottages, Oak, Pine and Westcott. Each unit consists of 2 rooms with basic furniture, a kitchen with utensils, toilet and verandah. The following are some of the pictures of Estate property.Mr Vijay Patniis the Manager Sattal Christian Ashram & Sattal Estate Association. He is in-charge of the maintenance of the entire estate and the ashram, in addition to allotting cottages for the visitors through out the year. Contact us today! For Cottage Booking & for Booking Accommodation for Your Special Events contact us.