About Us

About Us

It is a place where the Ashramites, dedicate/rededicate lives for the cause of His Gospel in humility pledging for holy, sincere, moral, ethical life according to the laws of His Kingdom, as the Bible talks about the life of purity of inner genuineness.

Our Mission

We ashramites offer an opportunity for any or all people to be exposed as a group to Jesus Christ in confession, surrender and obedience in order to be transformed and made over again.

What of Sattal Christian Ashram ?

This is a Vanaprastha ashram, where one could dwell with their family. Though stewardship of this ashram is vested with the Methodist Church in Southern Asia, this ashram is yours, ours and God's. Its principal program is held every year during May and June. These sessions attract a large number of Indian people - Christians and non-Christians alike, to experience disciplined Group-living. Our Mission has proved to be success for 80 years. The model of this ashram has been adopted as a universal form in the United Christian Ashrams in many countries. Still Sat Tal Christian Ashram remains the spring-head of the Ashram Movement of Evangelicals.

Why Sattal Christian Ashram ?

It is a place

  • Of quietness and prayer
  • Of being led through Bible Study to "the Word became flesh"
  • Of receiving healing and wholeness in the Lord Jesus
  • Where we not so much seek the answer as to be the answer
  • Of preparation for ministry of laity and clergy alike
  • Where people participate in "the Kingdom of God" in miniature
  • Of facing boldly the contemporary issues of society in the Spirit of Jesus Christ
  • Of trying to put the koinonia of the Holy Spirit back into the Christian church
  • To prepare people for a Christ-like living and
  • Where we finally pledge to one another that we are "unreservedly given to God, bound each other"

Please read the ashram ideals drafted by Dr E Stanley Jones in 1930