Sattal Christian Ashram Summer Sessions - 2022

The Sattal Christian Ashram is promoting the Kingdom of God for the last 90 years through the Ashram tradition, using "The Indian Cup", indigenous methods of Maharishi Dr. Stanley Jones to strengthen the Believers in their respective culture and context.

We are pleased to inform you that the Ashram Governing body decided to reopen all Sessions and group bookings in Sattal Christian Ashram from 2022, following the protocols of the Covid-19 pandemic. May I request you to pass on this information for the benefits of others. By doing this you will help the Ashram Administration.

The Ashram English Summer Sessions 2022, commencing from May 15-29,2022 and Hindi Summer Session from June 1-15,2022. During the Sessions Kingdom of God will be the main Study subject.

There will be other subjects such as Stanley Jones methods of Evangelism, how to share faith with others, Comparative religions, making disciples, Mission & Evangelism.

The subsidized charges for lodging and Boarding will be Rs. 300/- per day for Pastors / Seminarians / Spouses. For General Category Rs. 500/- per day per person. The Children between the ages of 5-10 years half the charges.

The Sattal Christian Ashram is a forest retreat, where individuals get an opportunity to discover answers for victorious daily living in the 21st century while trying to understand Jesus Christ in an indigenous manner.

Come and experience its uniqueness Vision Statement: We, people of all faiths and no faith, gather in this ashram to attempt not to find an answer, but to be the answer, by experiencing a miniature of Vasudeva Kutumbakam (Kingdom of God), while being mentored by our Sat Guru, Jesus Christ in indigenous forms.

Kindly note , The Pastors / Seminarians / Spouses who are on subsidy charges need to attend minimum 10 days regularly. The participants who are suffering with any chronic ailments, especially Bronchial or Cardiac are not advised to apply , as there is no proper medical care nearby. The Desirous Participants may apply for Registration Forms from the Resident Acharya N.C. George by Postal mail or Email.

Rev. Dr. N.C. George
Resident Acharya
Sattal Christian Ashram
Mobile Nos: - 09810548291 / 08383014244
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